Aerodynamic drag is a function of squared velocity. At highway speeds, it accounts for approximately 65% of the fuel consumed by a tractor-trailer.

As shown in the figure below, the four major areas of aerodynamic drag on a tractor-trailer are:

  • Front of the tractor

  • Gap between the tractor and the trailer

  • Side/underbody of the trailer

  • Rear of the trailer 

The most fuel efficient and successful trucking fleets utilize aerodynamic trucks, minimize the gap between the truck and trailer, install skirts to prevent air from hitting their rear axles of the trailer and install TrailerTail® technology to streamline airflow at the rear of the vehicle.  TrailerTail® technology maximizes the return on front, gap and side aerodynamics investments by minimizing the vacuum created at the rear of the trailer.

4 major areas of aerodynamic drag on tractor trailer

CFD image of Tractor Trailer with TrailerTail


The TrailerTail® reduces the aerodynamic drag on the rear a trailer by over 12% equating to over 6.6% fuel- efficiency gains at 65 mph and 9-12% when combined with ATDynamics-Transtex skirts and other minor trailer modifications.

The patented TrailerTail® design lowers vehicle fuel consumption by reducing low-pressure suction drag directly behind a trailer. ATDynamics TrailerTail® technology delivers over twice the fuel-efficiency gains of any other commercially available rear drag reduction technology and is the only rear-mounted aerodynamic device which allows fleets to fully comply with 2010 CARB trailer aerodynamics regulations.

For additional fuel savings information feel free to visit our FAQ section: TrailerTail FAQ


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