The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has adopted a regulation to improve the fuel efficiency of combinations of heavy-duty tractors and 53' trailers through implementation of tractor and trailer aerodynamics and low rolling-resistance tires. The regulation is officially the Heavy-Duty Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Regulation (abbreviated as "Regulation" below).


ATDynamics provides trucking fleets the technology solutions to exceed the trailer aerodynamic requirements of CARB regulations at a profit.  For fleets which own both trucks and trailers, ATDynamics aerodynamic equipment investments typically have 6-24 month return on investment (50-200% annual return).  For fleets owning trailers but utilizing owner-operator trucks (such that fuel savings are not directly accrued to trailer owners), equipment payback is realized through shared savings models and improved driver recruitment.

Both TrailerTail® and ATDynamics-Transtex Skirts are recognized by CARB to achieve standalone compliance with the Regulation's requirements for trailer aerodynamics, based on their verification under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay Transport Partnership (SmartWay).

The TrailerTail®  is the only stand-alone rear-drag aerodynamics technology in the industry which allows full compliance with CARB aerodynamics regulations given its SmartWay verified 6.6% fuel savings at 65 mph.

Trailer aerodynamics has become a critical cost advantage to over-the road fleets (fleets pulling trailers over 25,000 miles annually at highway speeds between 45-75 mph) such that ATDynamics projects most competitive trucking fleets adopting TrailerTail® and trailer skirts far in advance of CARB regulations.  These “AeroTrailer” combinations (trailers with TrailerTails® and skirts) burn 8-12% less fuel than traditional trailers.

For more information on meeting or exceeding CARB aerodynamic requirements, please contact

For more detailed information on the Regulation, please visit the Regulation website.

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