ATDynamics, Inc. and its fleet customers have redefined the shape of the world's most fuel efficient tractor-trailers.

ATDynamics trailer aerodynamics technology is reducing the fuel consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions of leading North American trucking fleets by 12%. The company's TrailerTail® rear-drag aerodynamics technology will deliver over $20 billion in fuel savings to trucking companies and consumers over the next decade by streamlining the airflow at the back of 2 million long-haul semi-trailers pulled on US and international highways. Over the next five years, TrailerTail® technology is projected to reduce fuel consumption by as much as the entire US electric vehicle industry. Learn More


Management has decades of experience in clean transportation, trucking, public policy and automotive engineering. The ATDynamics advisory network is a resource of technical, legal and financial expertise.

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A selection of coverage of ATDynamics by trucking industry publications and other media and original news releases, product launches, b-roll, safety certifications, funding awards and other topics. 

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The greatest economic opportunity facing today's generation of business leaders is to re-invent the relationship between industry and the environment. As world population and per capita energy consumption rise, so does the economic, social and environmental cost of oil. The most successful trucking companies now recognize these global market forces and are continuously re-inventing themselves to stay ahead of the competition.

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ATDynamics designs and manufactures the most advanced trailer aerodynamics components in the world. We are growing rapidly to fulfill our immediate mission of putting tails on trailers. We do not compromise on innovation, performance, or appeal. Nor do we compromise on our commitment to hiring and developing the best team members.

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ATDynamics is proud to provide trucker-tough fuel saving equipment to its customers and, in partnership with trucking fleets, leading researchers and OEM manufacturers, to bring next generation technology to market.

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