In 2008, the TrailerTail® was approved by the Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for operation throughout the national highway network...

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Department of Transportation Compliance Letter ATDynamics

Department of Transportation Compliance Letter ATDynamics Part 2

In addition to the projected fuel savings of $20 billion to North American trucking fleets and consumers, TrailerTail® technology delivers significant safety benefits to highway users.  The TrailerTails® four-foot thermoplastic composite panels and collapsible origami design creates an additional safety zone at the rear of a trailer between a trailing vehicle and the trailer’s steel frame reducing fatal rear-end collisions.  The TrailerTail® also reduces vehicle spray in wet weather by streamlining airflow at the rear of a tractor-trailer creating better visibility for both truck drivers and passing vehicles.  The stabilized airflow at the back of the trailer also reduces the wear on trailer’s rear tires and driver fatigue.



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