Below is a table, based on SAE J1321 test data, wind tunnel correlations and on-road testing confirmation to assist fleet managers in calculating the “gallons per mile saved” at highway speed for TrailerTail® technology.  A decimal figure like “.008 gallons/mile” saved is the same as “8 gallons per 1,000 miles” saved.

Even though TrailerTails® and trailer skirts address completely different areas of aerodynamic drag (one reduces low pressure behind the trailer while the other keeps air from hitting the trailer’s rear axles), each technology conveniently delivers very similar and additive fuel savings results.  For simplicity, in order to calculate the fuel savings of a trailer with no aerodynamic equipment verses a trailer with both TrailerTails® and skirts, simply double the results calculated for TrailerTail® technology alone.  Please contact info@atdynamics.com to have a customized fuel savings calculation completed for your fleet.

TrailerTail Fuel Savings Table


Estimated highway speed

Estimated miles per year:

Estimated projected price for fuel over next 7 years: $ (e.g. $4.00 per gallon)

RESULT = $ Annual fuel savings per TrailerTail®

For additoional fuel savings information feel free to email us at: info@atdynamics.com or call us: 1-888-283-8245


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