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The greatest economic opportunity facing today's generation of business leaders is to re-invent the relationship between industry and the environment. As world population and per capita energy consumption rise, so does the economic, social and environmental cost of oil. The most successful trucking companies now recognize these global market forces and are continuously re-inventing themselves to stay ahead of the competition.

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ATDynamics is dedicated to serving the most competitive, profitable and environmentally sustainable trucking fleets in the industry.

Our company demonstrates its commitment to the environment by providing technologies that reduce emissions from carbon-based fuels. We are dedicated to putting aerodynamic tails on the back of every long haul trailer operating on North American highways over the next decade - at a net profit to industry and consumers. By 2015, our technologies, combined with next-generation truck technologies, have the potential to improve the freight efficiency of a commercially available tractor-trailer – measured in ton-miles per gallon – by more than 50%.

We strive to demonstrate sustainable business best-practices throughout our company operations. We build our products with recyclable materials and offer life-cycle management programs to reuse and recycle products at the end of their useful life. We attract employees, industry partners and investors who are committed to serving our customers, building great products and ensuring an efficient, profitable and sustainable global freight transportation industry.

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